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Your Family Vet is currently seeking a customer service administrator to join our team.

If you have always dreamed of working in a vet clinic, have a passion for helping animals then read on because Your Family Vet may be the place for you.  To give you an insight into our ethos, working in this business demands a very high level of standards from each and every team member.  Your Family Vet is a team environment where each member is highly valued and of the utmost importance and therefore must emulate our core values of:

  • respect
  • commitment
  • trust
  • adaptability
  • compassion
  • outstanding service

Team members represent Your family Vet in a positive and enthusiastic manner both during work hours and outside of work within the wider community.  Team members behaviour must always reflect Your Family Vet's core values.

Communication skills are exemplary when interacting with team members, clients and the wider populace in order to foster reliable and helpful relationships with both individuals and organisations.  Team members are compassionate, professional, respectful and friendly at all times and will demonstrate commitment to emcompass gold standard care for everyone and will always prioritise the patients care.  Team members provide outstanding customer service with dedication to making each client feel that they are the most important client we have.  Frequent and thorough communication between team members and clients must be of the highest quality to ensure clients trust in Your Family Vet, superior patient care and continuity within the hospital. 

Attention to detail must be impeccable and a "can and will do" attitude is essential.  Record keeping is a high priority and dedication to this is paramount, competency with computers is essential for this task.  Team members will be called upon to support Your Family Vet in business growth, marketing, social media and must be excited to contribute to the ongoing development of Your Family Vet.  Commitment to workplace safety and dedication to following of all protocols and job task roles is essential as the well being of all team members, clients and patients is of the utmost importance.

Team members contribute to after hours duties evenly by rosters.  They must encompass flexibility, adaptability to change and be able to embrace high pressure situations as well as fastidiously follow direct instruction.  Organisational and time management skills will be of an extremely high standard as well their ability to prioritise.  Each team member must be team focused with a strong desire to grow and develop their own skills as well as teach and support others where ever possible.  They will contribute honestly in the evaluation process and embrace feedback positively in both professional and personal apsects of their work.  Team members must also be able to work independently and use their initiative, be resourceful and self motivated to ensure all tasks are performed and the hospital can function in a smooth cohesive manner at all times.

Team members always act conscientiously and to the very best of their ability to exemplify everything that Your Family Vet stands for.


So if this sounds like you, either as a registered veterinarian or as a support team member, please forward your application letter and resume to Lauren at Your Family Vet and we look forward to meeting you.

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