Chewing objects

Does your pet like to play with and chew on things, anything?  This can cause major problems and it is best if you can deter this behaviour.  Damage to the teeth is often the first problem that arises from abnormal chewing.  Exposed tooth roots and tooth fractures can be very painful and involve often expensive dentistry to repair.


Some things should never be chewed as they may be toxic.  Some plants, paint, cleaning chemicals and treated wood can also have toxins in them that can be harmful to your pet, often even in very small doses. 


The third problem with chewing on things is that when swallowed they can get stuck.  There are lots of places in the digestive tract where foreign materials can get stuck right from the mouth to the anus.  Surgery is often necessary to remove these and repair the damaged caused. Bones are probably the biggest cause of obstruction within the digestive system from getting stuck on teeth, scratching the eosphagus and causing nasty coughs, blocking the esophagus or intestines, causing pancreatitis by the rich marrow ingested or causing constipation, this is the range of problems we see regularly from bone ingestion.


Some tips for dogs that are chewing:

  • give food dispensing toys to your dog
  • purchase indestructable toys
  • remove items that the dog may be tempted to chew
  • if you see them chewing something offer a trade to them with a safe toy to distract them