Hospital extensions

For those of you interested I thought I would start this page to update you with progress reports of our hospital extensions.  The new section of the hospital will include 2 new consulting areas, one dedicated to cats only.  There will also be a new surgical suite with dedicated preparation area and recovery area.  This will increase our ability to keep these areas as clean as possible and the surgery room sterile.  We will also have a specialised room for radiology (xrays) and ultrasound procedures.


During the build the current veranda and garden will be removed and a complete new facade erected.  There will be periods of disruption including demolition, concreting and then creating the fantastic new face of Your Family Vet.  We will endevour to advertise these times via social media channels.


Currently we have the base slab in place for the extension and the steel for the frames is due any day.   We have been assured by our local tradies that there is not likely to be disruptions due to COVID which is great news.

The next stage is removal of the old front veranda and garden.  This will be followed by new concreting to allow for the build of the new facade.  Unfortunately to allow this to occur, the front door will not be accessible for a few days.  We apologise for this inconvenience but it is unavoidable.  We will advise the dates involved once we have been informed.



15.7.20: The framework for the new frontage is going up now and the site is a hive of activity.  Hopefully with the good weather the workmen can make really good progress after the little hold up with the steel.



3.8.20 Due to renovation work across the front of the existing building, we will not have access to our front door from 10th to 13th August inclusive.  This will cause considerable disruption unfortunately.  We will be unable to allow anyone into the hospital.  All patients will be collected from the back door (Clark Street) and clients communications will be by phone.  We have worked with Locks to reduce this disruption time to be as little as possible and we thank them for being very considerate and as flexible as they have.  We will not be running any routine visits during this period, only emergencies.  We apologise for the inconvenience.


12.8.20 The front of the clinic was a gaping hole yesterday but is well on the way to being ready for the concrete pour which can hopefully be done tomorrow, weather permitting of course.


24.8.20:  It may look messy but to us it is very exciting, finally we can see the outlines of all the rooms. The windows are getting put in today, the plumbers are busy, the electricians have been in and out too.  The cabinet maker has also been on site.  We are fortunate in Horsham to have so many excellent tradies.  To date they have all been respectful of us needing to continue to provide full services to our clients, have been communicating freely and doing their best to work at times that are least disruptive to us.



This week we have been distrubed again by a huge crane and many tradies at the front door.  Whilst this was inconvenient it was really good to see the rest of the frame work for the facade put in place.  Now at least the building looks like its all going to be one and the same.  Windows have also gone in this week and that has made a difference, its starting to look like a building now.


The plasterers are busy at work and rooms are taking shape even more.  Its now possible to feel the size of the spaces and see how each area with function.  Below is the new waiting area and what will be the new dog ward. 


The door jams are going in, the ceiling too, the air conditioners/heaters are in.  Progress is good.


The cabinets are in place, the painters have started, blinds have been ordered, its all coming together now.  There is more work on the facade and the outside cage, feels much closer now.


23.11.20 preparations for the off street car park are beginning and the fencing is going in.  It won't be long now.  Next week we will be closed as the wall will be cut away to join the buildings.

20.12.20 Well the final touches are now going on, we wont be finished until into the new year but we are 99% done and I have added some sneak peaks.  Its really hard to capture the true beauty of this hospital but we can only try.

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