Meet Our Team


Dr Penny Schwarz

Practice Owner (BVSc(Hon). Diploma of Management)


Penny, originally from Dimboola, graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne with honours in 1995. Whilst working her way around Victoria, she then completed a Diploma of Management.  Penny now spends her time ensuring the smooth running of Your Family Vet, leading the team, updating protocols, equipment investment and designing and co-ordinating the details of the hospital expansion.

In her free time, Penny enjoys spending time with her daughter Georgie, cat Eli and helping out at her family's Miniature Donkey stud.  She enjoys being involved in Georgies Dance concerts and volunteering at Horsham Town Hall.

Dr Chloe Fingland

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Chloe graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from James Cook University, Townsville in 2014.  Throughout her degree, she assisted with training at a puppy school and undertook placements all over eastern Australia. Chloe has a special interest in avian medicine and is a keen aviculturist.   Chloe has also spent time with behavioural specialists and enjoys this unique area of problem solving.  Chloe also runs our Puppy Playschool.

Having spent her childhood traveling Australia, Chloe enjoys getting out and seeing the countryside, especially bushwalking and birdwatching in her spare time.

Chloe has returned to work with us after the arrival of her daughter Sophia.

Dr Samantha Stephens

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Sam, originally from Echuca, graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne in 2013.  She worked at Your Family Vet as a locum in 2014 before taking a full time position in North Eastern Victoria.  Having experienced a very busy mixed practice, Sam has returned to the Wimmera to concentrate on small animals and has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery and feline medicine.

In her spare time, Sam enjoys riding bikes with her husband Tom, spending quality time with her daughters Isabelle and Eloise and playing with Rosie the beloved family cat.

Sam has returned to work with us after welcoming her second daughter Eloise to the family.


Dr Jess Bammann

Veterinarian (BSc DVM)


Jess graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Adelaide in 2018. Throughout her degree she has enjoyed travelling to various locations for placement, such as the Northern Territory and New Zealand. Jess has interests in surgery, dentistry and dermatology. Jess is already an integral part of the team at Your Family Vet and is looking forward to all the new challenges ahead. 
In her spare time, Jess enjoys playing netball, sight seeing, walking her dog, Ned, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Dr Jessica Farrow

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Jessica recently joined our team when she moved to the area from Portland with her partner Dave, two young daughters and 3 dogs Bella, Skees and Penny.

Jessica received her qualification at the Melbourne university and has worked in many different practices all over.  Work interests include imaging, especially ultrasound, and critical care.  She would like to pursue more options in physiotherapy and rehab.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys exploring new places, camping, 4 wheel driving, sports, horseriding and a good book.

Dr Beth McGennisken

Veterinarian (BA BVSc(hons))


Beth grew up in Nurrabiel on the family merino farm and graduated with her degrees from the University of Melbourne.  Beth has enjoyed working as a Veterinarian all around the world and has been working as a locum vet in various places for the past 15 years.  Beth has recently moved back to the area to be around family and we are delighted to have her join our team on a part time basis.

Beth enjoys spending time in the garden and hanging out with her pet lambs and beloved dog Ladoo.

Lauren Monaghan

Practice Manager (Double Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Management (HR), Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Diploma of Community Services Work)


Lauren is a local girl.  Originally from Brim she has lived in Horsham since finishing Secondary College. With over 15 years experience and her nursing qualification from Box Hill she is a valued member of our team.  Lauren has studied a Diploma of Community Services Work and graduated with a double Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management and Management (HR) before taking on her new role as Practice Manager in the Your Family Vet team.

In her spare time Lauren enjoys playing netball, doing fun runs and exploring the outdoors with her two sons Carter and Jimmy.   When she is at home she enjoys hanging out with her cat Nimbles and Pugs Hawk, Lacey, Betsy, Darla, Lily and Chokito.

Larree Darrington

Veterinary Nurse


Larree has been working as a vet nurse since early 2013.  Prior to joining the clinic, she worked as a manager at Bonnie and Clydes and as a racetrack attendant for Greyhound Racing Victoria. Larree has been an integral part of our team at Your Family Vet for many years.
In her spare time, Larree enjoys fishing, playing netball and spending quality time with her son Jagger, cat Oscar and dog Shar.

Larree has returned on a part time basis after welcoming her son Jagger into the world with her partner Marc.

Maddy Heard

Veterinary Nurse


Maddy is a local girl and has now been a part of the team in a veterinary nursing role for 3 years.  Maddy has a great passion for Staffies and currently owns two which she really enjoys taking on walks and exploring the great outdoors. 

In her spare time, as well as spending time with Sasha and Amarni (her furbabies), Maddy also enjoys fishing/yabbying, hanging out with friends and socialising

Sonya Page

Veterinary Nurse (NVQ level 3 in dental nursing (Equivalent to AQF Diploma))


Sonya, a dental nurse, emigrated to WA years ago with partner Martin and moved to Horsham after visiting Victoria and falling in love with the state.  Having always loved animals she was excited to get the opportunity of a career change and pursue her aspirations of working with animals.  Sonya is now a skilled veterinary nurse.

Sonya has two Belgian Shepherds, brothers, Bill and Ted, ducks and chooks.  

During her spare time, Sonya enjoys watercolour painting and hand making craft hobbies, exploring/hiking with friends and boxing.

Monique Hornsby

Veterinary Nurse (Bachelor in Communication Design, Advanced open water/deep certificate in scuba diving)


Monique, a local girl, originally made the move to Melbourne to study Graphic Design and upon completing her bachelor decided to move back home to be with her family.  Growing up in a very large family (has 7 siblings) Monique has grown up around a variety of animals and is very excited to start her career in veterinary nursing and is currently working on adding Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing to her list of qualifications (from Box Hill).

In her spare time, Monique loves scuba diving and has gained her certificate in Advanced Open Water/Deep.  Now she is excited about overseas diving holidays!  Monique's spare time is also taken up visiting the gym, walking fur baby Zeke the Doberman and fussing over her very spoilt cats Fuzz, Shrimp and Snowbelle.

Nikita Bradshaw

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Retail Operations Finance and Insurance)


Nikita moved from Telopea Downs to Horsham as a young girl and comes from a farming background.  She has always been around animals and is very excited to be able to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinary nurse.  As well as sharing her spare time with her husband Ben and young boys Cooper and Elijah, Nikita enjoys exploring the Grampians. 

Nikita and family currently enjoy life with Jack the Ragdoll who is always getting up to something.

Cassie Dunlop

Veterinary Nurse

Cassie began studying a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University before reaching the realisation that she wanted to be a Veterinary Nurse. Coming from Rupanyup, she has a farming background and has grown up alongside dogs, sheep and horses and wants to carry on her love for animals by working with them every day. Cassie is very excited to have begun her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with Box Hill and is very happy to be a part of the team at Your Family Vet.

In her spare time Cassie enjoys being with her Staffy Axl, "Foxilier" Lillie and rabbit Nugget as well as playing netball for Rupanyup and socialising with friends.

Bella Francis

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV in Wool Classing. Certificate II and III in Agriculture. Certificate III in Wool Handling)


Bella  is almost a local, coming from Branxholme.  Bella completed her schooling in Hamilton then continued her studies in the agricultural industry.  Bella enjoys working on the farm and has numerous qualifications in Agriculture, graduating Dux of her Wool Classing class.  Bella has now been a fantastic veterinary nurse here at Your Family Vet for more than 2 years.

In her spare time Bella enjoys playing piano, successfully completing 7th grade Traditional study.  Bella's spare time is also taken up walking the dog Roy the Kelpie. 

Georgie Schwarz

Customer Service (Student)


Georgie is a familiar face at Your Family Vet, being Penny's daughter. Georgie has a very quiet way with animals and really loves spending time with her grandparents' Miniature Donkeys.  She has spent a large amount of time in the clinic afterhours, becoming very proficient with newborn puppies and is usually the one helping the pups nurse for the first time after a caesarian.  Georgie really enjoys interacting with clients at the front desk and often helps out after school and during the holidays.  Georgie also enjoys working at a local cafe.

In her spare time Georgie enjoys attending dance classes, travelling and catching up with her friends.

Penny Stemp

Financial Administrator (Diploma of Accounting)


Penny has been part of the team right from the start, maintaining the accounts.  Penny graduated with a Diploma of Accounting from Ballarat University and moved to Horsham with her family for a tree change. 

Penny's main interests are her human family, husband Brendan and now grown up children Bec and Harry, but she also loves her extended fur family Dougal, Molly, Jack, Scout, Annie and Mogsy (just to name a few).  Penny is an integral volunteer with Horsham PAWS and is now the President of the association, as well as having her own luxurious boarding facility for cats, Catnap, quite simply she adores cats!  If she manages to find some free time she also enjoys reading and patchwork.

Lacey Vicary


Lacey has been a frequent visitor of ours for many years due to her being a dedicated wildlife carer and has recently joined the team as our wonderful cleaner.

Lacey's passion and love for animals has had her rescuing animals her whole life.  As well as looking after her family and doing rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife she is currently completing a course in pet care and vet assistance in the hope that she can get into veterinary nursing.



Ethan Bush

ICT Technician (ICT System Administrator)


Ethan has been working with computers as long as he can remember.  He attained his first information, communication and technology certificate while still at high school then went on to do a traineeship in ICT.  Since then he has worked in multiple schools, working with old networks and setting up new ones. 

When at home Ethan enjoys playing computer games and board games as well as bird watching and photographing wildlife.  He is particularly fond of raptors and owls and he can often be found on the lookout for birds no matter where he might be.  At home he has his adopted cat named Guinevere.

Ethan is now the proud primary carer of his adorable daughter Sophia!


Clinic Cat (Master of relaxation)


Kimmy originally came to Your Family Vet as an adoptee with Horsham PAWS.   Having spent many months with us, during this time slowly teaching us that we absolutely couldn't do without her, we finally decided to formally adopt her in January 2017.  She is very popular with clients, with numerous people every day asking where she is when they visit. 

Kimmy now has the life of luxury telling us what she wants and when and basically spends her day moving around the clinic, spending the majority of her time in the staff lounge.  She loves when her harness comes out as it means going outside for a roll in the sun and scratch in the sand.

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